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The Rise of Mankind

~Exclusive Invitation~

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  You are Formally Invited  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

As our time at Resistance 2 draws to a close, it seemed entirely improper to just  let it slip away unceremoniously.

You are now one of a small, select group to receive this special invitation to a private gaming event. The pleasure of your company is requested:

Date:       As per message from Stealth
Time:      As per message from Stealth
Name:    Bilderberg
PW:        TBD
Dress:    Formal

In the years we’ve played this game we have come to know each other and share many good times! There have been many moments of pure fun and some times of hardship, but through it all we were always there for each other.  And now, as the game ends, we find ourselves here together -still standing, side by side.

To celebrate our time in Resistance 2 together, please join us for a unique gaming experience.

These games will be like none other!  Time and effort will go into crafting a special experience for you!

  • Will there be Fun Games within Games?
  • Puzzles to Solve?
  • Annoying Trivia Contest (ie:  What’s the name of the movie playing at “Chicago”?)
  • A Skills Competition?

………………YES!  YES!  YES!  (& MORE!)

We hope you will join us as we commemorate the amazing years we shared as our paths have crossed during this brief moment in time.

Please RSVP  to Stealth at your earliest convenience.

We would like to create a fun, pleasurable experience for everyone so careful consideration has been given to the invite list.  There will be no more than 8 of us.

We will publish the full Guest List and provide each with the password 48 hours prior to the event.

Also, if you have a novel or brilliant  idea we could include as a part of all this -please just let me know!

The Bilderberg Group




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